Timothy Brice Private Chef

Timothy Brice Private Chef

We cook great food so you can make great memories. We offer a suite of private chef and full-service catering solutions, including individual dinner parties, brunches, weddings, and corporate events. Operating all over Southern California, we’re available from Santa Barbara to San Diego to Palm Springs. Our menus showcase the finest local and international flavors. Featuring both elevated classic and experimental fusion recipes, our dishes range from simple to refined. Current menus feature three levels of classic and new American cuisines; Italian; Provençal; San Francisco/Paris Bistro; Vegan Vegetarian; and California Mediterranean flavors. We have BBQ feasts, Mexican celebrations, and restorative brunches (complete with ‘hair of the dog’ mimosas) – our customers adore these themed menus, and we have just as much fun designing and hosting them! We also publish a new menu to highlight the abundance of each season, focusing on the best produce our farms, ranches, dairy, and fish suppliers have to offer. Californian food is a feast for the senses, its seasons offering a profusion of colors, tastes, and aromas that revive the palate and soothe the soul. Vibrant beets, tangy rhubarb, woody chicory, and sweet clementines can be found amongst other local flavors we draw on for our dishes, inspired by the beauty of our golden state. Just looking for some nibbles for a cocktail party? We can provide an array of small-plate appetizers from our Rat Pack Cocktail Hour menu, perfect for mingling. Other choices are designed around standard four-course templates that can be customized, mixed, and matched across the various themes, ideal for a beautifully presented tasting selection. We’re more than happy to work with you to tailor plans for your specific needs.

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  • Timothy Brice

    Los Angeles | Malibu | Ojai | San Diego | Palm Springs | Big Bear | Temecula | Coachella Valley | Orange County | Santa Barbara

    Signature Dish

    Roast Cretan lamb shoulder, horta mixed greens, celebration rice pilaf