Chef Chris of Venice

I have taken a circuitous journey in and out of, and ultimately back to the kitchen. In my early years, while I was honing my acting chops in New York City, I supplemented commercial and TV work with cooking stints for luminaries such as Wylie Dufresne (71 Fresh Food, WD-50) and Laurent Tourondel (BLT Fish, BLT Steak). And when I wasn’t working, I was eating my way through New York City. I ate everything, everywhere, and often. I would eat a dish, write down the menu description, and then go home and re-create it on my own. This process of training with a deep pleasure in experimentation with food allowed me to develop a vast array of techniques and styles as a chef. I’m not a slave to formal training or a particular style of food, which has allowed me to develop a cooking craft that intuitively guides me. When I am cooking, I lose the sense of time, my worries erode into a sauce and I find myself, knife in hand, in the eternal moment.

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